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Адвокат в Киеве

Адвокат в Киеве

A lawyer in Kiev: online consultation for private and juridical persons.

If you need a lawyer in Kiev / law firm, where you can get expert assistance in all areas of law - you have made a good choice.

«Fides Group» it’s a law firm rendering legal services in Kiev, in all areas of law.A team of lawyers with extensive experience in the field of jurisprudence and legal audit.

If you have any legal issues that you can not solve by yourself or you need a lawyer (Kiev and Kiev region), just contact us.

Our aim is to help you in law field as soon as possible. Everyone faces with problems you could not overcame by yourself. Our task is to explain you all methods of solving the existing individual problems.

First of all, «Fides Group» it’s experienced crew of lawyers with a long practice. We ready to help you anytime. Every client, is also a partner for us.

Basic principles we obbey:

  • independence of every case;
  • cear prices for all services;
  • use of all possible solutions to the problem.

We offer all the possible scenarios under which you will be able to make a decision.

We work both with private and juridical persons, as a diversified law firm. Kiev is a business capital of Ukraine, and we are ready to solve all financial and bureaucratic problems of our client.

The law firm, lawyer services in Kiev, prices

The cost of legal assistance, and prices of different types of services can be found in the relevant sections of the site. All prices are relevant and are exploratory in nature, since legal services in each case are unique.

If you need some legal protection just turn to law firm “Fides Group”.

Our experience, communication and work methodology brings confidence to clients. Attorneys of «Fides Group» undertake the necessary negotiations with the contractors perform contracts, conduct business in the courts of all levels, as well as solve problems that require legal services. Price / value for clients who require long-term care will be significantly lower.

The Bar Association of Kiev

Bar Association (Kiev) is a nonprofit organization created for legal form partnership.

«Fides Group» - a lawyer's association, however, our goal is to help everyone,that’s why you can find a section with free consultation on our web-site, where we answer your questions as they come, as well as our workload.

Relationship based on trust and confidentiality. We, like all lawyers in Kiev store information entrusted to us, observing its non-disclosure, as well as adhere to the principles of professional work.

If you were in a difficult situation and you need professional legal counsel, advice or law firm just contact us. We are always ready to provide all necessary information on the principles of our work and the prices of legal services.

Sincerely, your lawyers in Kiev, the union «Fides Group»

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